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Monthly Archives: January 2007

In the past month, I have endured so much Islam. In the evenings, Shazo, a guest from Saudi Arabia, will ask me about some of the things we Buddhists do. For example, the diet: Why the restriction on onions and garlic? Why no potatoes? As for sitting meditation: Why do it? What’s the point? I […]

Oat Milk

Oat milk is delicious. It is the sweetest, creamiest milk ever — better than dairy milk.


An hour ago, I sent out this email to friends and family: Today at work, my bosses let me know my services were no longer needed. They offered me a generous severance in exchange for my resignation. I have to say, I was elated. I am now well‐funded up until my trip to China in […]

Chocolate + Dates : Episode 1

Gather together some very sweet dates — Barhi, Medjool and “Black Sphinx” are all good. Melt some unsweetened chocolate. Dip the dates in it. Allow the chocolate to harden, by hanging the dates over the chocolate and putting everything in the fridge (l33t method) putting the dates on tinfoil (casual style) There you go — […]

Old Business, New Business, Red Business, Blue Business

I’ve run into a quite a few Zen Center people since I’ve moved back to SF. Most of them, I haven’t seen for more than a year, even though I’ve been in and out of the city for all that time. First there was Steve and some other guy, at Medicine; then Juliette at Rainbow. […]

Almond Butter…

Often it makes me sick; but today I had quite a bit on a big Fuji apple. A friend gets these apples from some people at Farmer’s Market — the best apples he’s had, he says — an unmarked stall with nothing particularly remarkable about it. He was buying the organic apples, from a named […]

Hello world!

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