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Almond Butter…

Often it makes me sick; but today I had quite a bit on a big Fuji apple. A friend gets these apples from some people at Farmer’s Market — the best apples he’s had, he says — an unmarked stall with nothing particularly remarkable about it. He was buying the organic apples, from a named farm, but then he found these.

I wasn’t going to eat them. They were a little beat up — cut here and there, no bruises though — and didn’t have that “certified organic sticker” I like to see on things just before they go in my mouth. Ming Yi got a big box of them and I went to a different part of the market, to find some pears.

We met up again in the middle of the market and he had one of the apples in his hand. “You should try these apples, Jason. I used to buy those organic ones…” So I cut a little piece of the apple try its flavor — and find that it is good.

Ming Yi isn’t a cheapskate. He’s very careful with what he eats, actually, always chatting with the farmers about their husbandry practices before he buys their stuff. I’m just too comfortable with the idea that you can guarantee yourself the best goods by paying a high price.

I have a nice Asian pear, too; but I’ll eat it later.


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