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An hour ago, I sent out this email to friends and family:

Today at work, my bosses let me know my services were no longer needed. They offered me a generous severance in exchange for my resignation. I have to say, I was elated. I am now well‐funded up until my trip to China in June, which is already covered by short term investments.

For the next month or so, I’m giving my time to tea‐selling, resume rewriting and temple stuff. I might start to take some Yoga classes, too, seeing as I have time to do so. Getting canned is really a blessing ‐‐ I had wanted so long just to take some time off and read; but there were a few projects I wanted to have nicely done and packaged up for them, and my sense of duty was ever delaying my exit. This is perhaps just as well ‐‐ had I taken the initiative, I fear I would not have been rewarded so handsomely.

Of course, being without work is not a small transition. I figured it was best to let you all know right away, as soon as I got home to my email machine. If I seem a little different ‐‐ a little less fatalistic, a little more willing to believe in people and the works of man ‐‐ you will know why. Also, I’ll be around a heck of a lot more often, and I thought you all might wonder about that…

It was nice to be canned. I got to sign my name, which I love to do; and in exchange they offered me numerous checks, large and small. It was easier to get my money as a I was leaving than it was the entire time I was working for them.

I’m not much worried about how I’ll make it or what I’ll do. I was homeless in a van this time last year. I can certainly deal with no job, a little money and time on my hands.


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