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Monthly Archives: February 2007

email — mixing its metaphors?

With email, we’ve got a problem. Never mind about authentication — what about conversation? Email provides us with two abstractions with which to handle multiple recievers and multiple senders — lengthy ‘To:’ fields and mailing lists. Neither works very well — the lengthy ‘To:’ field is inflexible, since adding a new user doesn’t really put […]


I went to Luna Park today and had the salmon — with mashed potatoes, broccoli rabe and mushrooms. It was full of buttery, creamy goodness — something I haven’t enjoyed for well over a week. I savored every bit of it — the cream in the potatoes, the richness of seared fish, the pungency of […]

sick, sick, sick

I’ve been laid up since Sunday. On Saturday, I had a little cocoa, with sugar, and there was a little cough. Well, I’d been having a bit of a cough for awhile, no big deal… I had a bowl of yams, cleaned and then thought I’d have another cocoa. This I did. At that point, […]

Chocolate Soup

Cook Adzuki beans. Pit dates. Break up unsweetened chocolate. While the beans are still warm, put the dates (warmed a bit, maybe next to the beans as they are cooking) in with them and stir them around. Add some salt. Turn the dates and beans into a smooth paste with an immersion blender or a […]

Thinking About Going Out, And Then Not

So, I saw a sex column by Sarah Silverman today (in The Onion) and I thought maybe I’d go to see her next show here in SF. She’s funny, and super-cute. But, the show is late at night (I like to be home late at night); and they want you to buy two drinks or […]

Yesterday, I went to a new cafe and wrote: Say your life depreciates at 50% per year, compounded continuously. By your first year, you’ve already live most of your life. Your second year is virtually insignificant compared to the first — but so much weightier than the third. What you do now doesn’t count much […]

Tea & Coffee

The last two days, I’ve been at Richard’s place and I’ve had so much more coffee than usual. The usual head rush hasn’t hit me though — I wonder if that’s because I drink so much tea at the temple? Usually I pack the tea bowl half full of black tea, two or three times […]