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sick, sick, sick

I’ve been laid up since Sunday. On Saturday, I had a little cocoa, with sugar, and there was a little cough. Well, I’d been having a bit of a cough for awhile, no big deal… I had a bowl of yams, cleaned and then thought I’d have another cocoa. This I did. At that point, I felt I’d turned a corner — straw that broke the camel’s back — the past month of conflict in the temple and transition to veganism and too much sugar and coffee and chocolate and poor sleep — it was all too much for me. I needed a big fluffy bed and many blankets.

At 2am on Monday, I woke up, to drink some water. I couldn’t go to sleep until 6am. I spent the intervening minutes sitting, suffering and staring at the ceiling. I slept from 6 until about 8, when I discovered the most extraordinary back and abdominal pain. I couldn’t lift much of anything that morning, even a saute pan.

Yesterday, I could lift some stuff; but I haven’t got much strength left and still sleep in the fluffy bed most of the day, taking breaks to type.


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