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Monthly Archives: March 2007

Scheduling: Wake Up

Assume I wake up at 4am. Then I can have a practice schedule that goes like this: what how long (minutes) latest stop sitting meditation 60 05:05 prepare food and drink some water 20 05:30 exercise, standing practice 45 – 90 07:05 light cleaning, finish cooking 15 07:25 eat breakfast, have some tea 60 08:30 […]

Scheduling: Eating

Eating, meditating and exercise all effect one another — you can’t just stack them will-nilly one after the other without regard to order or buffering. In fact, just eating is by itself a scheduling challenge. Different foods may cause you harm if eaten together or not eaten far enough part. Eating after dark is ill-advised […]

A New Wrinkle

A little after four on Saturday, I went to visit my new landlord and meet her partner, a man named Josh. Things went well, to a point; but then we got into Buddhism. Josh has strong opinions about Buddhism — about Linji’s iconoclasm, about the place of sitting in practice, in fact about everything I […]

Moving Around San Francisco

I’ve finally made up my mind to live some where for a while. The big problem with San Francisco is: no matter how much you pay, it smells like piss outside. Or so I thought — there are some nice places, really, on the West side. The Sunset and Ingleside are both surprisingly clean and […]

Guacomole ala Japonais

Take an avocado and mash it up with some ume plum paste and cracked black pepper. Voilà, Guacomole ala Japonais. Delicious when blended with freshly chiffonaded spinach and served with corn chips.

German Bookkeeping

I think I’ll go to Germany in the summertime. Lufthansa has direct routes to Munich. The flights are 11 – 12 hours long and cost between $1800 and $1900. Very doable. From Munich, I’d head North to Berlin to visit Katie and then maybe go up to London to see Kate. Then it’s back to […]

strange pain in front belly

My belly has a pain in front, a centimeter or two below the little protrusion at the bottom of the sternum. This pain comes has been there, on and off, for days and days. I wonder if it has to do with eating too much? I really wanted some nuts today and I didn’t eat […]

Tea & Zen: One Flavor

Tea and Zen have a long history together. In fact, some people attribute them both to Bodhidharma! (Though tea, like Taiji, is attributed to a lot of people.) There is a nice saying for their relationship: tea 茶 chá Zen Buddhism, Zen meditation 禅 chán one, an 一 yī flavor, taste 味 wèi There are […]

Umeboshi : A Gift To Mankind?

The pickled ume plum is truly delicious. I am utterly addicted to some of the salty, sour stuff I got as a paste from Rainbow. I put it in grain of all kinds, in soup in place of salt and I even dress salads with it (olive oil is a good but in no way […]

Time & Money

An economy of trust is an economy of time. Although we now associate ‘wealth’ with money, I think it’s more appropriate to consider wealth as control over other peoples’ time and work. Ancient and primitive economies provide us with numerous examples of exchange without money; and even in societies with well established money economies there […]