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German Bookkeeping

I think I’ll go to Germany in the summertime. Lufthansa has direct routes to Munich. The flights are 11 – 12 hours long and cost between $1800 and $1900. Very doable. From Munich, I’d head North to Berlin to visit Katie and then maybe go up to London to see Kate. Then it’s back to Munich, perhaps by way of Paris (for tea at La Maison des Trois Thes).

So the flight is going to be under $2000 — but with food and hassle, it’ll work out to at least that. Moving from place to place in Europe should be less than $40 a leg, because of the convenient interior flights. Accomodations, though, are going to be the real killer. In San Francisco, I spend $20 a day on room and somewhere $20 a day on board, with another $10 for miscellany. A month in San Francisco costs me $1500 at that rate. Would a month in Europe, spent mostly in Berlin, cost the same?


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