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Monthly Archives: April 2007

Palo Alto Ruby

Today I was going to go to the “Palo Alto Bring Your Own Laptop Hack Session”, a group on the Stanford campus; but now I think, I don’t really belong there. I’m not from Stanford and I’m not trying to recruit those people. I have no business being part of their group. Maybe my skills […]

crazy idea

What if a windowing system were just a web browser of sorts — it expects to read in XUL, SVG and a handful of other plain text formats. The plaintext serves as a front for the actual native code. There is something inherently distributed about this… If only there were a w3c standard for windowing.

Permissions In The Application Stack

I’m trying to stack apps for a document management system. I’d like Apache to handle authorization Subversion to handle storage LDAP to handle authentication However, I’m running in to a problem — where do I put the file permissions? Subversion doesn’t really have a storage mechanism for permissions — there’s no way to check out […]

Already There FS

Say we’d like a ‘file system’ in which there is no material difference between whether files exists or not. Reading a file that doesn’t exist returns nil and setting a file to nil deletes it. Thus two of the methods in CRUD can be done without — all we need is read and write. Would […]

When Swamis Attack…

Swami Padma had a problem. All of the aspirants were meditating, deep in concentration. There was barely a sound. Just somebody’s nose. Sniffing, sniffing, sniffing. My nose. Swami threw the Kleenex box down in front of me, breaking the silence, berating me for sniffing in front of everyone. What was wrong with me? Well, about […]

Anti Email

Previously, I’ve criticized email for having the wrong underlying metaphor. I’d like to a see the conversation replace ‘mail’ or ‘threads’ as the basis for internet messaging — so what is a conversation? Well, as a data structure a conversation is a node with: one document a list of participants and their permissions potentially many […]

New Ruby Syntax Idea…

I’d like to see blocks attached directly to expressions — it would make for a nice way around assignment in conditionals.

A Spoonful Of Sugar…

Yesterday, I did a remarkable thing. Instead of having no sugar or a lot of sugar, I had just a little sugar. Kind of neat.

Game Server Stack

Say I’d like a cool game server. It actually needs to do a few other things, besides serve the games. It needs to: Authenticate users. Allow them to manage their precious data. Reading those back over, I realize that I really need a bunch of servers — LDAP servers, web servers — besides game servers. […]