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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Haskell Notes

I’ve been writing Haskell for a week now. Haskell is very refined. I’m already disgusted with Ruby. Unfortunately, Haskell is so cutting edge that current versions are hard masked in Gentoo. It also doesn’t help that compiling Haskell takes approximately forever. I have this queer belief that Haskell is the scripting language of the future. […]

Scope ⊇ {Module, Method, Function, Class}

In Ruby, we have Modules, Classes and Methods; in Erlang, Modules and Functions; in C++, Functions, Classes, and Namespaces. I want to introduce another bit o’ terminology, inspired both by my experiences with Erlang and the ‘let’ construct in Lisp and Haskell. The Scope is an environment in which a set of assignments exists. Essentially, […]