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Monthly Archives: July 2007

The Simplest Thing That Could Possibly Work…

…could change my life! Advertisements

Groups & The Filesystem

Let’s talk about a way to move the groups db into the filesystem. Why do it? Simplicity of administration, visualization and inspection. By leveraging filesystem operations for linking and nesting, we’ll create a flexible system without introducing any special tools. To put some users in www, for example, we just link them in to the […]

Free Market On Content

Games have three parts — an engine, assets and a UI. What do players come for? Assets. How much time is typically given to them? Not enough. Games are ever and anon reinventing the wheel — bringing us the same engine implemented a hundred different times, to get that little lighting effect or atmospheric blend. […]

Reduce In Haskell

To implement ‘reduce’ (as discussed by Google) in a purely functional way really challenges my instincts. After the map step, we have a list of (Key, Val) 2-tuples that we would like to reduce to a list of (Key, [Val]) 2-tuples — we want all the values associated with a single key to be in […]