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Monthly Archives: September 2007


It’s quite humorous to me that fork causes the remaining program statements to be executed by both processes. Ha ha ha. Advertisements

Finishing Soup, Porridge And Others

Let it finish cooking by turning off the heat and setting it aside for a couple of hours. Anything that sticks to the side and bottom — not burnt stuff, mind you, just stuck stuff — will moisten back up and be easy to remove.

Replacing Windows, From The Inside Out

I just set up a bunch of communication tools for Linux Mint running under Moka5. My editor and rc files are all there. The next, more delicate step is getting my build tools to work with source files that are in a different location than usual — it’s quite possible that I will end up […]

Mission Beach Cafe Is Good

I’ve had lunch there twice this week, and it’s always been a nice combination of low traffic and high quality. That kind of thing doesn’t last — either people discover it and it gets crowded, or they don’t and it evaporates (frowny face).

What’s In A Shell

A reasonable shell is a domain specific language for talking about files. There are a few things to do with files: read files write files run files The reason a ‘Haskell shell’ or ‘Scheme shell’ or ‘Ruby shell’ is doomed to failure is because of the way ‘first class files’ need to be supported. It […]

Job Confusion

Job control with sh is quite unpleasant. I’m trying to throw together a script that allows a REPL to work with pipes as input. The following example works. while true do cat pipes/i done | sh -xv > pipes/o 2> pipes/e Termination, however, is a horse of a different color. Echoing exit into pipes/i presumably […]

Lusing Out

There is not a uniform API for user provisioning in UNIX/Linux. For users in /etc/passwd, use useradd. For users in LDAP, use ldapadd, but: When using Samba with users in LDAP, use smbldap-useradd. I don’t see why this isn’t handled by PAM. How to fix it? Some real nasty script, I guess… In Plan 9, […]

Had Enough Of Scheme

I’ve been working through a Haskell tutorial, Write Yourself A Scheme In 48 Hours. I declare myself done. There’s more to do — input output operations and some of the standard list operations — but honestly, I’d like to move on to web apps.

Beans Are Good

I made beans today. I’ve wanted plain and simple beans for ages, but I burnt them the last time I tried and then I had to move. Once I returned to SF, I was for the most part pre-occupied with drinking coffee at Tartine, so I didn’t do any grocery shopping until today. Then I […]


…why does the web look like shit? I finished CSS for this blog today, leaving me with a laundry list of complaints. There is still so much of content rendering that is out of the hands of the designer — for example, the extent of text boxes — and thus must be specified in the […]