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Replacing Windows, From The Inside Out

I just set up a bunch of communication tools for Linux Mint running under Moka5. My editor and rc files are all there. The next, more delicate step is getting my build tools to work with source files that are in a different location than usual — it’s quite possible that I will end up checking things into Perforce from Linux and checking them back out from Windows if I don’t have good integration. That would suck, eh?

The build tools and everything else are all rooted under Z:\ which is mapped to C:\. My coworkers tell me that Perforce must have a Z:\ drive to check out the code. That seems pretty weird to me — and in fact, it’s not true — but altering the way Perforce is set up is complicated, to say the least.

The batch scripts definitely won’t work under Linux, and who knows if they’ll work with the source moved? They call into some special compiler — presumably this compiler won’t work under Linux, either.

Maybe I should just share the code over SMB with my Linux ‘box’. That would require the fewest changes.


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