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Monthly Archives: October 2007

Mr. Vig & The Nun

Saw The Monastery today, a guileless film. From the film, I gathered that Russian nuns have ‘first prayer’ at 00:00 for an hour, go to sleep and wake right up at 05:30 to rock out until 10:00, when they break for work. They eat at 11:00 and after that, work, until more prayer time. Are […]

Soldiers’ Rights

A sad matter: The actions of the troops, I applaud. But why are they there? What freedom exists in a nation whose citizens are compelled, against their own will and the good sense of their countrymen, to endanger their lives in an empty war? It is by luck that I, a fit man of […]

Lily Turns The Crank

At Farmers’ Market today, I helped to run the apple press. We had a press with a grinder/feed mechanism. You turned a big crank to grind up the apples, spitting them into a bucket. When the bucket was full, it was time for the pressing — a plate went over the bucket, and another crank […]

School Of Redundancy School

I watched a short presentation on subtext the other day, which focused on the difficulty with reading Boolean expressions. Under it’s influence, I made a slightly more verbose, nested expression out of a simpler one: if opts.p and opts.u: pass else: if opts.p or opts.u: parser.error(“please specify a user and pass”) Where’s the wisdom in […]

Reddit, YC News &

They are destroying my life. Might as well face it, I’m addicted to LOL. I spend so much time ‘keeping up’ that I can’t watch the lecture on Adjunctions posted by the Catsters, or get anywhere with writing a file system. I need to strictly ration my consumption of “net candy”.

Sysadmins Against eMail — SAM

Band together to destory email. Everything can be done with Jabber and thoughtful allocation of chat rooms.

Why I Will Not Switch To Mercurial

Mercurial is fast, smooth, cool, strong, powerful, and sweet. It’s the easiest to get on the distributed version control train, the train to Coolsville. If only it had efficient copies, easy server interaction and the ability to check out part of a repository. That’s really the last straw for me. I can’t feel good about […]

CGI — just too much

I spent several hours today trying to feed a CGI script form stdin before I realized you had to set the CONTENT_TYPE, CONTENT_LENGTH and REQUEST_METHOD environment variables in order to emulate a POST correctly. It’d be simpler if: All content (GET or POST) were available from stdin — even the ‘variables’. The CONTENT_TYPE were available […]


Consider Heirarchial IRC channels — everyone ‘below’ a node in the tree receives all messages directed to that node of the tree and all it’s parents. Does this seem useless? Consider a neat hack for ‘first-classifying’ users into the channel system — auto-join all users to #user, with their user names — using IRC URLs, […]

rewarding survival leads to cooperation

It would be nice to encourage spontaneous cooperative play in competitive games, like death match. By scoring on survival, you get a system that encourages ad-hoc teamwork without any fancy ‘teaming’ algorithms. Consider a system that scores a player based on two parameters — the amount of time they’ve played, and the number of times […]