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Soldiers’ Rights

A sad matter:

The actions of the troops, I applaud. But why are they there? What freedom exists in a nation whose citizens are compelled, against their own will and the good sense of their countrymen, to endanger their lives in an empty war? It is by luck that I, a fit man of 26 years, am not in their position, torn between “orders” and prudence.

By staying out of the way, the troops not only save their skins, but discourage the insurgents — there’s fewer opportunities to shoot at Americans, and less reason to. When merely there, our troops are a stabilizing force; but when active, they are destabilizing, stirring up the hornets.

There needs to be official recognition of “soldiers’ rights” — the circumstances under which soldiers can say “fuck off” and go the fuck home should be well protected by the state’s contract with them.


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