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Monthly Archives: November 2007

Function & Actions

A function defines a relation between values, namely the input values and the output values. This relation is timeless. An action is a sequence of instructions. Whatever relations can be derived from these instructions are accidental and subject to change — there’s not relying on them. One approach to functions and actions that I like […]

Uses Of Socks

Socks keep your feet worm, but wearing them also keeps your sandals clean. Tile and hardwood floors are kept dry by frequent sockage, especially helpful in the kitchen. I wish I could wear socks everyday; but socks which are light enough to wear in the summer get dirty looking too fast.

Doing Something

Today, I accomplished nothing. I ate some food, read, and talked on the phone. I tried to install a filesystem — I want some kind of, any kind of, union file system for linux — and can only arrange for a system that fails on newer kernels.

A Little Exercize Before Eating…

…opens the abdomen to receive the food.

We Just Don’t Need Email Anymore

We can use chat instead. Everytime a new topic is started, it get’s a channel. These channels are saved on the server, and people may join or not — or read the archives. You don’t need to send email to the people. Just give them permission to join the channel, and next time they log […]