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Haskell CEDICT

I finally wrote a useful Haskell program: an interface to CEDICT. You can look up characters in your Haskell programs, and you can also use a nice command line tool, zi4pu3 (字谱 → “character chart”): echo “你好。” | zi4pu3 you 你 ni3 be fond of 好 hao4 。 Those who know ‘好’ know that it’s […]

Really Weird Conversation With David Pollak

======== From: Pierre R Two interesting reddit post today : Some people believe Larry Wall is kind of crazy. I have actually a lot of respect for him. Same for R P Gabriel I guess in a different genre. I really like this two guys … It probably means I am a bit […]

Uses Of Socks

Socks keep your feet worm, but wearing them also keeps your sandals clean. Tile and hardwood floors are kept dry by frequent sockage, especially helpful in the kitchen. I wish I could wear socks everyday; but socks which are light enough to wear in the summer get dirty looking too fast.

Doing Something

Today, I accomplished nothing. I ate some food, read, and talked on the phone. I tried to install a filesystem — I want some kind of, any kind of, union file system for linux — and can only arrange for a system that fails on newer kernels.

A Little Exercize Before Eating…

…opens the abdomen to receive the food.

Mr. Vig & The Nun

Saw The Monastery today, a guileless film. From the film, I gathered that Russian nuns have ‘first prayer’ at 00:00 for an hour, go to sleep and wake right up at 05:30 to rock out until 10:00, when they break for work. They eat at 11:00 and after that, work, until more prayer time. Are […]

Soldiers’ Rights

A sad matter: The actions of the troops, I applaud. But why are they there? What freedom exists in a nation whose citizens are compelled, against their own will and the good sense of their countrymen, to endanger their lives in an empty war? It is by luck that I, a fit man of […]

Lily Turns The Crank

At Farmers’ Market today, I helped to run the apple press. We had a press with a grinder/feed mechanism. You turned a big crank to grind up the apples, spitting them into a bucket. When the bucket was full, it was time for the pressing — a plate went over the bucket, and another crank […]

Reddit, YC News &

They are destroying my life. Might as well face it, I’m addicted to LOL. I spend so much time ‘keeping up’ that I can’t watch the lecture on Adjunctions posted by the Catsters, or get anywhere with writing a file system. I need to strictly ration my consumption of “net candy”.

Why I Will Not Switch To Mercurial

Mercurial is fast, smooth, cool, strong, powerful, and sweet. It’s the easiest to get on the distributed version control train, the train to Coolsville. If only it had efficient copies, easy server interaction and the ability to check out part of a repository. That’s really the last straw for me. I can’t feel good about […]