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Category Archives: technical

Really Weird Conversation With David Pollak

======== From: Pierre R Two interesting reddit post today : Some people believe Larry Wall is kind of crazy. I have actually a lot of respect for him. Same for R P Gabriel I guess in a different genre. I really like this two guys … It probably means I am a bit […]

Function & Actions

A function defines a relation between values, namely the input values and the output values. This relation is timeless. An action is a sequence of instructions. Whatever relations can be derived from these instructions are accidental and subject to change — there’s not relying on them. One approach to functions and actions that I like […]

We Just Don’t Need Email Anymore

We can use chat instead. Everytime a new topic is started, it get’s a channel. These channels are saved on the server, and people may join or not — or read the archives. You don’t need to send email to the people. Just give them permission to join the channel, and next time they log […]

School Of Redundancy School

I watched a short presentation on subtext the other day, which focused on the difficulty with reading Boolean expressions. Under it’s influence, I made a slightly more verbose, nested expression out of a simpler one: if opts.p and opts.u: pass else: if opts.p or opts.u: parser.error(“please specify a user and pass”) Where’s the wisdom in […]

Sysadmins Against eMail — SAM

Band together to destory email. Everything can be done with Jabber and thoughtful allocation of chat rooms.

Replacing Windows, From The Inside Out

I just set up a bunch of communication tools for Linux Mint running under Moka5. My editor and rc files are all there. The next, more delicate step is getting my build tools to work with source files that are in a different location than usual — it’s quite possible that I will end up […]


…why does the web look like shit? I finished CSS for this blog today, leaving me with a laundry list of complaints. There is still so much of content rendering that is out of the hands of the designer — for example, the extent of text boxes — and thus must be specified in the […]

Free Market On Content

Games have three parts — an engine, assets and a UI. What do players come for? Assets. How much time is typically given to them? Not enough. Games are ever and anon reinventing the wheel — bringing us the same engine implemented a hundred different times, to get that little lighting effect or atmospheric blend. […]

Haskell Notes

I’ve been writing Haskell for a week now. Haskell is very refined. I’m already disgusted with Ruby. Unfortunately, Haskell is so cutting edge that current versions are hard masked in Gentoo. It also doesn’t help that compiling Haskell takes approximately forever. I have this queer belief that Haskell is the scripting language of the future. […]

crazy idea

What if a windowing system were just a web browser of sorts — it expects to read in XUL, SVG and a handful of other plain text formats. The plaintext serves as a front for the actual native code. There is something inherently distributed about this… If only there were a w3c standard for windowing.