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Category Archives: culinary

duck terrine is good

Is this stuff raw? There’s nothing like fatty duck meat on hot bread! Advertisements

Finishing Soup, Porridge And Others

Let it finish cooking by turning off the heat and setting it aside for a couple of hours. Anything that sticks to the side and bottom — not burnt stuff, mind you, just stuck stuff — will moisten back up and be easy to remove.

Mission Beach Cafe Is Good

I’ve had lunch there twice this week, and it’s always been a nice combination of low traffic and high quality. That kind of thing doesn’t last — either people discover it and it gets crowded, or they don’t and it evaporates (frowny face).

Beans Are Good

I made beans today. I’ve wanted plain and simple beans for ages, but I burnt them the last time I tried and then I had to move. Once I returned to SF, I was for the most part pre-occupied with drinking coffee at Tartine, so I didn’t do any grocery shopping until today. Then I […]

Scheduling: Eating

Eating, meditating and exercise all effect one another — you can’t just stack them will-nilly one after the other without regard to order or buffering. In fact, just eating is by itself a scheduling challenge. Different foods may cause you harm if eaten together or not eaten far enough part. Eating after dark is ill-advised […]

Guacomole ala Japonais

Take an avocado and mash it up with some ume plum paste and cracked black pepper. VoilĂ , Guacomole ala Japonais. Delicious when blended with freshly chiffonaded spinach and served with corn chips.

Almond Butter…

Often it makes me sick; but today I had quite a bit on a big Fuji apple. A friend gets these apples from some people at Farmer’s Market — the best apples he’s had, he says — an unmarked stall with nothing particularly remarkable about it. He was buying the organic apples, from a named […]